Paris Olympic Event Menu – Short Notice and High Capacity Inflight Catering

Menu Availability: July 26th to August 11th, 2024

Air Culinaire Worldwide Paris has made extensive preparations for this event, detailed in our 2024 inflight catering guide for the Summer Olympics in Paris, France blog post. Among these preparations is the creation of a special menu tailored to our client’s needs. Our clients can order bespoke meals, whether it’s a personal request or a selection from our Paris lifestyle menu But, if we reach maximum capacity or our clients request last-minute inflight catering, we guarantee a menu will be available provided we receive notice at least 5 hours before their departure. Our Inflight catering services are available at LFAY, LFPM, and LFPT in addition to our existing destinations,(LFPBLFPOLFPG) made possible through strategic partnerships with local FBOs.

How to Order Your Inflight Catering:


Phone: North America: +1 (800) 247-2433
Paris:+33 1 74 37 10 40 

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