Air Culinaire Worldwide Launches New Menus and Microsites

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Tampa, Florida (June 25, 2019) – Air Culinaire Worldwide launched their new London Lifestyle Menu, Paris Lifestyle Menu and corresponding microsites developed exclusively for the private aviation community.

“It’s our job as specialists to inspire our customers with their food choices, whilst still keeping the authenticity of the city they are departing,” said Neil Hayes, General Manager, Air Culinaire Worldwide, London. “The European market is one of the most diverse in the world, which is why our lifestyle menus offer a variety of different cuisines, from the fun and eclectic tastes of street food to the complex flavors of fine dining.”

The London and Paris teams performed extensive research and development into ensuring each ingredient and menu item selected for their menus would translate seamlessly into the in-flight environment, as well as represent a specific lifestyle prominently found in their respective metropolitan area. The resulting menus are a mixture of traditional items with a twist, dishes composed of emerging flavors found in the local foodie scenes of London and Paris, and a bevy of health-conscious dietary-driven menu items.

“The lifestyle menu concept provides a unique way to inspire our clients’ in-flight food selection, while aligning our brand in Europe and beyond,” said Frederic Juillet, General Manager, Air Culinaire Worldwide, Paris. “Each part of the world has their own cuisines and lifestyles, that concept brings the best of both for the delight of our clients’ taste buds and state of mind.”

To coincide with the menus launching, the ACW Menu app has been updated to include the corresponding menu items for the locations served by Air Culinaire Worldwide’s London and Paris kitchens. In addition, a microsite ( for the London Lifestyle Menu ( has been launched and extensive updates were performed on the existing Paris Lifestyle Menu microsite ( so as to match the design aesthetic and menu items found on the new Paris Lifestyle Menu (

To download and get started with the app, search for the phrase “ACW Menu” from your smartphone, in either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information on Air Culinaire Worldwide and access to resources such as menus, information on flight crew culinary training, and articles with tips and suggestions to improve a total in-flight catering experience, visit, or call +1 (813) 449-6000.

About Air Culinaire Worldwide

Air Culinaire Worldwide, a Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company, serves in-flight catering to hundreds of airport locations across the globe. Since 2000, business and private aviation operators have relied upon the organization. With 23 owned-and-operated kitchens and hundreds of associate catering partners on six continents, business aviation organizations receive the total in-flight catering experience from one resource: Air Culinaire Worldwide.


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