Business Aviation Tips and Inflight Catering for Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inflight Catering Amsterdam

Amsterdam, on the surface, is a city that needs no introduction due to its level of name recognition on the world stage. However, from a business aviation standpoint, there is a lot to learn about this iconic capital city of the Netherlands. As April ushers in the beginning of the warmer months in Amsterdam, the private jets follow close behind. Whether your passengers are headed to the city known as the “Venice of the North” for business or leisure, there are plenty of things to do on the ground to stay active until it is time to depart.

When traveling to Amsterdam, you will touch down at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS / EHAM), the third busiest airport in Europe; which in itself is a testament to the popularity of this destination. Peak travel season starts in April and lasts through October. Those months are the peak for inflight catering in Amsterdam, which is available through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network.

Steeped in history and full of rich culture, you will have no end of places to go and things to do while in Amsterdam. From historic sites and 17th century Golden Age architecture to canals and open green space, you have a full range of ways to create your own memories of “The Dam.” A favorite photo for visitors in Amsterdam is with the “I Amsterdam” letters that travel around the city. To ensure you don’t miss them, the city’s official tourism site has an “I Amsterdam” locator page.

A major draw for leisure travel in April is that, on average, mid-April through the beginning of May is the best time period to visit “Keukenhof,” also called the “Garden of Europe,” for the blooming of the flower fields. Amsterdam, and the Dutch culture in general, have both long been associated with tulips but the city also has many other places to commune with nature. Art lovers not only can visit the Rembrandt House Museum, but also Rebrandtpark for a nature break; one of the dozens of lush gardens and parks to visit. One of Amsterdam’s more prominent geographical features are the canals, part of which is a UNESCO protected site. Canal cruising is a favorite way to see the city from a unique vantage point.

Cycling is a big part of local culture and is a great way to get out and see the sights. Put on some clogs, hop on a bike and head over to Museumplein, where you can immerse yourself in over 1000 works from prolific world-renowned Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum, learn about local art and history at Rijksmuseum and explore modern and contemporary art and design at Stedelijk Museum.

When you are ready to explore the tastes of Amsterdam, stop by a “kaas,” (which translates to “cheese”) shop, visit the Cheese Museum or join in on a cheese tasting. Some unique quick-to-eat options are “bitterballen,” deep-fried meatballs; “stroopwafel,” (which we touched on some in a previous article dedicated to waffles around the world) two Dutch waffle layers with syrup placed in between; Dutch fries, served with peanut sauce, mayo and onions – which sounds like quite an experience for your taste buds. Fish is a staple in local cuisine, so much so that you will see herring being sold on the street. In addition to the strictly Dutch dishes, you will also find Indonesian cultural influences on local cuisine, such as “Rijstaffel,” (which translates to “rice table”) a spread of small bites of various Indonesian specialties.

Don’t forget to try some locally-made licorice, which is a long-standing favorite treat!


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