Business Aviation Tips and Inflight Catering for Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt Germany inflight catering

Plans for winter and holiday travel are no doubt already set or underway across the globe. Frankfurt, located in Hessen, Germany; is one of the destinations that is sure to get anyone into the spirit with their world-renowned Christmas Market that opens annually in November. However, peak season is from spring through autumn, so there are many reason to visit throughout the year.

When operating to Frankfurt, you will arrive at Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) which is southwest of the city center. If you need ground transportation upon arrival – or for your departure – be sure to make arrangements with Universal Private Transport in advance. After your time on the ground, if you need inflight catering, it is available through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network.

The Christmas Market in Frankfurt is one of the largest in all of Germany. The setting itself is already cozy and scenic, add to that the excitement of holiday festivities and it is an unforgettable sight. The Christmas Market runs from the last few days of November through the middle of December. The next big annual event is New Year’s Eve, but regarding local annual events, there are several more throughout the year. From early-mid April through the beginning of May, if you visit Frankfurt you will find yourself in the middle of Spring Dippemess – the largest festival in the region of Germany, featuring a market and fair rides. Fast forward to mid-September and you will experience Autumn Dippemess. In the first week of June is an event that is unique to Frankfurt – Waldchestag (Forest Day) – which is held annually on the Tuesday after Whitsun (or Whit Sunday, a religious holiday celebrated in Germany). Other celebrations to join in on are the Opera Square Festival in July, the Main Festival in August, the Apple Wine Festival in August and the Rheingau Wine Festival in September.

Frankfurt isn’t just known for its Christmas Markets, the city also has weekly markets which feature local farmers’ produce, meat, dairy products and other goods. Markets can be found at Schillerstraße (Schiller Street), Bergerstraße (Berger Street), Konstablerwache (Watch house), Hochst and Ostend. In looking back to the local festivals, you will notice Apple Wine, (in German: Apfelwein or in the Hessian dialect: Ebbelwoi), is popular here. This drink is hundreds of years old and is an important part of local culture. Unique dishes that are rooted in local Hessen culture include Gruene Sosse (a green sauce made of eggs, oil and herbs), Handkase (sour milk cheese), Frankfurter Wuerstchen (sausage), Sauerkraut, Schweinshaxe (pig knuckles), mashed potatoes, boiled eggs and Tartarrenbrot (an open-faced beef, pickle and onion sandwich). If you have a sweet tooth, Bethmannchen is a popular Christmas dessert and Haddekuche is a sweet made of gingerbread that is typically paired with Apfelwein.


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