Corporate Flight Attendant Interview: Nicole Knapp

Which Aircraft Have You Flown On During Your Career?  
I’ve flown on a Global 7500, Global 6000, G650, G550, BBJ Max 8, G4, G450, Falcon 900EX, Falcon 2000, and a Falcon 50. 

Where Did You Receive Flight Attendant Training? 
I attended the Aircare FACTS flight attendant training in Van Nuys, CA. 

When Was Your Last Recurrent? 
My last recurrent training was in June of 2021. 

What Are Your Base Locations And ICAOs? 
My primary base location is Las Vegas however I have a crash pad near VNY, BUR, LAX & CMA. I’m open to flying to any location the plane is located. 

How Long Have You Been A Flight Attendant? 
I’ve worked in private aviation since 2017 starting my career as an in-flight concierge coordinator arranging up to forty flights a month of catering and limo services for private jet members. I’ve been a flight attendant since 2019.  

Aside From Your Corporate Flight Attendant Training, What Other Education Do You Have? 
I attended culinary training at The Corporate School of Etiquette in Long Beach which was excellent and taught me a lot about preparing food onboard and cultural awareness training. I was also a fine dining server for over 15 years so I attended many training sessions on fine dining service, wine and high end liquor knowledge as well as proper verbiage to guests. I attended a wine server/beginner Sommelier course at The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas. I’ve attended food safety training every year for the last 15 years as well as safe alcohol service training from TAM of Nevada. 

Which Business Aviation Conventions And Trade Shows Do You Attend? 
I have not attended any conventions as of yet due to scheduling conflicts however, I hope to attend one soon.  

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Flight? 
One of my most memorable flights was when I decorated the plane (a Global 7500) for a bachelorette party headed to Cabo San Lucas. I had temporary bridal tattoos, colored margarita glasses, bridal straws, balloons, decorated adorable bridal cupcakes, and then a large banner across the plane that really made it special. When the bride walked on I played the Bruno Mars song “marry me” on the speaker. I really enjoyed making it fun and festive and they really appreciated my effort.  

Have you had any positive feedback or reviews from owners/passengers that you would like to share? 
I was very humbled and honored to have the sweetest message from one of my passengers. She sent me the following message after her flight:  

“Good Morning, I had the sweetest dreams because of you and Captain S and crew. Everlasting gratitude. A job is a job- until it becomes “your passion”. I suspect your “job” has been your passion from the very beginning!!  How fortunate we were to spend unexpected time with you. Hope to see you soon.” 

What Type Of Cuisine Do You Prefer?
 Well, I’m originally from Hawaii so I grew up with an Asian-fusion type of cuisine and it’s one of my favorites. I also love Mexican cuisine.  

What Are Your Favorite Destinations, And Why? 
I love beach destinations, just because I grew up across the street from a beautiful beach and it reminds me of home. I get a little homesick when I don’t see the beach for a while. I also love traveling to places where I have fellow flight attendant friends. It makes it fun to meet up and socialize.  

What Are Your Favorite Restaurants? 
I have so many that it’s very hard to choose. In Las Vegas, I love STK steakhouse. In New York City I love Olio E Piu for amazing pizza and fresh pasta. In Hawaii, I’m always going to have to stop at Duke’s in Waikiki. 

What Are Some Things To Do That You Would Suggest For A Corporate Flight Attendant Visiting A Destination For The First Time? 
First things first, I would try to source catering. Look up local restaurant reviews and go try them. This way you can personally recommend dishes from the menu. Ask the FBO what caterers they prefer for your staple items and trays.  

Any Cultural Tips For A Corporate Flight Attendant Visiting A New Location For The First Time? 
Safety is a priority so I suggest you research the area to see what areas are safe to be in. Ask the local FBO is you don’t have time to research. I would suggest looking up the cultural etiquette for international trips that you are not familiar with. You never want to offend a local resident due to not having cultural awareness.  

What Are Some In-Flight Catering Challenges You Have Experienced? How Did You Overcome Them? 
There have been many challenges throughout my career. Time management is key in this field and it was a challenge at first to try to feed 11 passengers a 2 course hot meal, with alcoholic beverages on a 2 hour flight. Prepping is essential during these types of flights.  

What Made You Decide To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant? 
I was aware of this profession back in 2001 when I lived with a corporate flight attendant in Burbank, CA. I had no desire back then to pursue this. Fast forward to 2018 and I was working as a flight concierge coordinator for a private jet broker. It was the first office job that I had and I missed being a fine dining server, with the face to face interaction with guests. I left the flight concierge position and started researching this profession. I found several YouTube videos by the lovely Jacqueline Travels (which were very helpful) and along with my research, I decided this was the career for me. This is truly my passion and it was the best decision that I made. 

What Do You Feel Are Essential Skills For A Successful Corporate Flight Attendant? 
A can-do attitude is essential. There are times when you are at the hangar for weeks opening boxes of stock for a new plane. You have to be willing to do the hard work and be happy to be there. Safety is the number one reason we are on board, so keeping safety in mind at ALL times is very important. Being a problem solver is crucial. You need to be solutions-oriented to figure things out when challenges occur. Having multi-tasking skills, as well as having a sense of urgency is vital. If a passenger asks for ketchup with their meal and another passenger asks for a cocktail at the same time, you need to move quickly and understand whom to serve first. Having fine dining service & etiquette training can really help in terms of specific food and beverage service training. Finding the balance for service is imperative so you are not over serving or under serving your passengers.  

What Advice Would You Give Someone Looking To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant? 
I would first let them know that this is a very hard career to break into. It took me a year and a half of constant applying, networking, and hustling before I got my first contracting position that flew me regularly. Be willing to work really hard to get the work and then even harder to keep the work coming. It’s all worth it, if you love what you do and I love my career. I’m very honored and grateful for the flight departments that allow me to work with them.  

What Email Address Should Be Used To Contact You? 


Instagram: @flywithnicolek 

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