Corporate Flight Attendant Interview: Tasha Funes

Which Aircraft Have You Flown During Your Career?
Experienced on Boeing, BBJ, Challenger, Dornier, Falcon, Global, and Gulfstreams. 

Where Did You Receive Flight Attendant Training?
Aircare FACTS & CAPS Certified

When Was Your Last Recurrent?
April 2022

What Are Your Base Locations And ICAOs?

How Long Have You Been A Flight Attendant?
16 Years

Aside From Your Corporate Flight Attendant Training, What Other Education Do You Have?
Psychology Degree

Which Business Aviation Conventions And Trade Shows Do You Attend?

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Flight?
My most memorable flight would be flying Former President Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

What Type Of Cuisine Do You Prefer?
Thai Cuisine. I love how Thai food incorporates Spicy & Sweet. 

What Are Your Favorite Destinations, And Why?
My favorite destination is Fiji. I love being in a remote location. Peace and Serenity. 

What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?
Some of my favorite restaurants are Fixin’s, Matsuhisa, and Luv2Eat Thai.

What Are Some Things To Do That You Would Suggest For A Corporate Flight Attendant Visiting A Destination For The First Time?
I would definitely suggest that a Corporate Flight Attendant visit outside of the tourist locations. Allow yourself to explore the destination as a “local,” and you’ll gain a greater love for the location this way.

Any Cultural Tips For A Corporate Flight Attendant Visiting A New Location For The First Time?
Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. This applies in and out of the country.

What Made You Decide To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant?
I chose to become a Corporate Flight Attendant because I loved that every day was different and never looked the same. It allowed me to learn flexibility, adaptability, and how to conquer obstacles and challenges on the road. 

What Do You Feel Are Essential Skills For A Successful Corporate Flight Attendant?
An essential skill as a successful Corporate Flight Attendant will possess is thinking outside of the box at all times. Our circumstances or environment cannot determine our presentation InFlight. We are providing a lifestyle onboard. So it’s our responsibility to offer a one of a kind and exceptional service.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Looking To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant?
For anyone seeking to become a Corporate Flight Attendant, know that it comes with great responsibility but it is definitely worth it! It allows you to see all parts of the world and learn so much about so many different cultures. 

What Email Address Should Be Used To Contact You?  

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