Ideas for Seasonal Cabin Amenities – Fall 2016

Autumn / Fall In-flight Amenities

The final quarter of the calendar year tends to be the most colorful and festive, dotted with celebrations that have something for everyone. No matter how many years have passed since we were personally in “back to school” mode, September conjures that feeling of newness, fresh starts and the drive to learn, expand, cultivate and spread our wings!

For private aviation, this time of the year dictates the inspiration of some new flavors on board.

Consider replacing the light, summery white wines with heavier, more robust grapes that balance the chill in the air. Try pairing it up with snacks that contain dried fruit and pumpkin seeds or selecting chips made from sweet late-summer corn. You can even dare to offer buttery cookies that inherently exude the approach of holidays. Shape your chocolates like footballs or maple leaves. Fly with the zest of Autumn; embracing your guests with warmth.

Right at the heart of this season comes a most beloved American holiday, Thanksgiving. In the world of private aviation, there is much abundance and many tangibles for which we could articulate gratitude. Perhaps, though, it is the intangibles that we who orchestrate this industry should focus on this season. “Giving” is most endearingly perceived in business by the quality of customer service, and finds its best rewards to be most perfectly achieved by “flying the extra mile.” When we analyze our clipboards and review our charts, each of us in every level of service should ask ourselves the question, “Have I done the best that I can to ensure that this journey is simply remarkable?”

Every day we deal with wings that carry our guests from one place to another, but so often it is our human wings that lift up another’s experience that are the most important part of the flight. In this upcoming season of holidays and celebrations, let’s all be thankful we are part of such an amazing dynamic industry. Let’s all try to do our part to expand the horizons of in-flight service to a level of excellence never before achieved or known.


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This is an article by guest author Annie Balshi, CEO of B. E. Princess, a corporate aviation amenities supplier. Annie takes pride in her ability to place herself in the customers’ shoes. She uses her expertise to select products that appeal in appearance and flavor, mixing them up and blending them so that almost every flight has a different basket. Any thoughts expressed in this article are entirely Annie’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Air Culinaire Worldwide.

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