Inflight Catering San Francisco

Air Culinaire Worldwide has been operating in San Francisco since 2009, located just minutes away from the San Francisco International Airport. The facility provides the experienced team with additional space to be creative and utilizes modern equipment in its 7,000 sq. ft. kitchen. 

John Rushing, General Manager of San Francisco, and his dedicated team have led the way in providing excellent service as an organized team. The kitchen features modern cooking appliances, multiple walk-in coolers, a cold production workspace, a GPS system for delivery tracking and accuracy, and is centrally located to provide quick access to all Bay Area airports. 

The San Francisco inflight catering team is confident about the quality of service and reliable customer service that they provide for their clients. Rushing has been with Air Culinaire for the past 2 years and speaks passionately about his team: “They are eager to be creative and spearhead big orders with confidence.” 

This kitchen has catered to important travelers such as heads of state, foreign governments, and many sports teams. The team has a close connection with their frequent customers and is willing to help them in any way possible. 

Mikanka Petrova, Lead Cook, has been with Air Culinaire for 1 year. She was born and raised in Macedonia and moved to San Francisco. Petrova comes from a loving family, and her mother and sister still reside in Macedonia. She went to school at the HRC Culinary Academy Bulgaria and received an associate degree in culinary arts, which she has used at Air Culinaire Worldwide to create amazing-looking and tasting desserts and other dishes for their clients to enjoy on their flights out of San Francisco. Her favorite dish to prepare is Italian Risotto, “because I personally love it,” Petrova stated. 

Below, you can find a video of Air Culinaire Worldwide’s San Francisco team and what they have to offer. 


Get ready to taste the flavors of San Francisco! Our kitchen just cooked up some heavenly pan seared scallops and Italian risotto that will take your taste buds on a journey. #SanFranciscoEats #PanSearedScallops #ItalianRisotto #FoodieHeaven

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