Innovation and Quality: Air Culinaire Worldwide – Miami’s Recipe for Success and Expanded Facilities

Air Culinaire Worldwide has been operating in Miami, Florida since 2014, with its recently expanded office space, storage area, and cold space. The facility is just minutes from Miami International Airport and provides our experienced team with additional space to be creative, utilizing modern equipment in the facility’s 7,500 sq. ft.   

 Yashan Alvarez, General Manager of the Miami Facility, and his dedicated team have led the way in providing excellent service as an organized team. The kitchen features modern cooking appliances, multiple walk-in coolers, an expanded cold production workspace, a GPS system for delivery tracking and accuracy, storage space, and is centrally located to provide quick access to all Miami airports.   
These expanded facilities reflect Air Culinaire’s constant pursuit of more efficient service and increased product quality. The team in Miami, Florida is confident about the quality of service and reliable customer service that the team provides for clients.  
This kitchen has catered to important travelers such as Celebrities, international clients, and many sports teams. They have a close connection with their frequent customers and are willing to help them in any way.

Claudio A. Camacho, our Assistant General Manager with an impressive journey at Air Culinaire Worldwide. Claudio embarked on this culinary adventure in January 2001 at our Dallas location. After a hiatus of nearly four years from 2009, he found his way to the vibrant city of Miami in 2014, where he has been a pivotal part of our team ever since. 
Claudio’s day-to-day responsibilities encompass all aspects of Operations and Production, ensuring the seamless execution of our services. Hailing from the sun-soaked land of Mendoza, Argentina, Claudio’s passion for cooking is deeply rooted in his upbringing. His grandmother’s cozy pension was a hub of delicious dishes that he fondly recalls, and he strives to carry forward that food legacy. 

A true culinary enthusiast, Claudio’s favorite dish to cook and savor is a mouthwatering Argentinian Asado, complete with a house-made chimichurri that doesn’t involve a blender. He’s also an expert at crafting traditional Argentinian-style baked empanadas, a testament to his dedication to authentic flavors. 

Claudio’s journey into the world of cooking as a profession was sparked by a love for challenges. The dynamic realm of Inflight Catering appealed to his desire to explore international cuisines and remain deeply engaged in the culinary domain. 

When it comes to his favorite dish to prepare for our clients, Claudio’s talents shine across the spectrum. From crafting exquisite offerings in the Garde Manger to preparing sizzling hot dishes, he consistently delivers culinary excellence that reflects Air Culinaire Worldwide’s commitment to redefining in-flight catering.

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