Middle Eastern Mezze in Washington D.C

Air Culinaire Worldwide has been operating in Washington D.C. since 2000, with its recently renovated office space and the facility just minutes from Dulles International Airport. This facility provides our experienced team with additional space to be creative, utilizing modern equipment in the facility’s 7,000 sq. ft.  

Basel Diab, General Manager D.C, and his dedicated team have led the way in providing excellent service as an organized team. The kitchen features modern cooking appliances, multiple walk-in coolers, a cold production workspace, a GPS system for delivery tracking and accuracy, and is centrally located to provide quick access to all D.C airports.  

These expanded facilities reflect Air Culinaire’s constant pursuit of more efficient service and increased product quality.  

The team in Washington D.C. is confident about the quality of service and reliable customer service that the team provides for clients. Basel has been with Air Culinaire for the past 3 years and speaks passionately about his team “We have great attention to detail & excellent teamwork. We have created multiple WhatsApp groups, for drivers, expo, kitchen crew, and a fun group, where we share photos and have fun.” 

This kitchen has catered to important travelers such as heads of state, foreign governments, and many sports teams. They have a close connection with their frequent customers and are willing to help them in any way. 

Isabel Zpeda, Lead Cook has been with Air Culinaire for 21 years. She was born and raised in El Salvador and moved to Washington D.C. in search of better opportunities. Isabel Zpeda comes from a loving family with 4 sisters, her mother, and 3 kids that reside in Washington D.C. 

Her favorite dishes to prepare are the artistic trays, fruit trays, and crudites. “I love my work and what I am producing” Zpeda stated.  

Below you can find a video of our D.C kitchen and what they have to offer.  

Isabel Zpeda

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