The Resilience of our Seattle Inflight Catering Team

Air Culinaire Worldwide, a renowned catering company, has been operating in Seattle since 2006, conveniently located just minutes away from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The company takes pride in its exceptional services and the ability of its experienced team to provide creative culinary solutions. However, in early 2020, the team faced an unexpected challenge that put their operations at risk. With the recent addition of Seattle inflight catering, the company is poised to overcome any obstacle and continue delivering unparalleled culinary experiences to its clients.

It all began when Air Culinaire received notice from the property owner that their current facility needed to undergo extensive remodeling, requiring them to vacate the premises promptly. This unforeseen circumstance presented a significant hurdle for the company. With the clock ticking and limited time to secure a new space, the team at Air Culinaire Worldwide sprang into action. 

Within an impressive 45-day timeframe, Air Culinaire Worldwide managed to secure a new facility, conveniently located less than 5 miles away from their previous location. This relocation not only resolved the pressing issue but also presented an opportunity for the company to expand its production space by a staggering four times. The newfound spaciousness provided the experienced culinary team with an ideal environment to continue their innovative work. 

Richard Peterson, a Regional Director of Air Culinaire Worldwide, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We were worried that we would have to shut this kitchen down because of this… we were fortunate enough to find a great kitchen in a quick period of time.” This stroke of luck and the team’s relentless efforts enabled them to smoothly transition their kitchen operations within a mere 48 hours, ensuring minimal disruption to their regular workflow. 

Playing a vital role in orchestrating this successful relocation was Thomas Hanrahan, who has served as the general manager at Air Culinaire for the past two years. Hanrahan worked closely with Charles Charnow, the company’s west coast regional director, to coordinate the logistics and execute the move flawlessly. Their collaborative efforts and meticulous planning were instrumental in minimizing downtime and quickly restoring normal operations in the new facility. 

With the seamless transition completed, Air Culinaire Worldwide continues to excel in delivering exceptional culinary experiences. Thomas Hanrahan, as the general manager, has a deep appreciation for the delectable creations his team produces. One of his personal favorites is -the King Salmon served on a bed of fragrant cilantro rice and elegantly garnished with a flavorful Mushroom Ragout. This dish showcases the culinary expertise and attention to detail that Air Culinaire brings to every meal. 

As Air Culinaire Worldwide looks ahead to the future, their commitment to excellence remains unwavering. The challenges they faced in early 2020 only served to strengthen their resolve and demonstrate their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. With their new, expanded facility, the talented team at Air Culinaire is poised to continue delighting their clients with exceptional cuisine and innovative culinary solutions, including Seattle inflight catering, for years to come.

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