Introducing The New Paris Lifestyle Menu

Tampa, Florida (May 24, 2022) – Air Culinaire Worldwide LLC announced today the launch of their newest Paris Lifestyle Menu.

Air Culinaire Worldwide’s very own Jonathan Miguel, Paris Executive Chef, has created this Lifestyle Menu “Cooking is an invitation to discovery and our customers are required to travel regularly. The idea was to combine the discovery of traditional French cuisine, while traveling through and introducing exotic flavors, induced by products such as matcha and yuzu and introducing dishes such as sunny provence mille-feuille” stated Chef Jonathan Miguel

The menu features four lifestyles inspired by Paris: Artistic, Cultured, Mind & Body, Urban, and Wellness. With over 50 new menu items such as salmon kushikatsu, beef fillet mignon rossini, rabbit stew with caramelized onions, honey-glazed cod fillet and chocolate & praline-flavored crunchy-crumble.

Miguel, states that he is most excited about cooking and presenting the cranberry-crusted sea bass fillet and the parsnip purée. “At the time of its conceptualization, it did not guarantee certain consistency in terms of the balance of flavors and it imposed a technical challtenge.” He plans to convey a certain vision of cooking, ” cooking is sharing and food can transport you on an amazing journey. It is not dogmatic, on the contrary, it allows you to be daring, to try new things, and associations, it is an ode to pleasure and to discovery. I hope to reach a curious clientele, wishing to be surprised and their palettes awakened in addition to our clients who enjoy traditional cuisine.”


Introducing our New Paris Lifestyle Menu!

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