San Jose Inflight Catering by Air Culinaire Worldwide!

Air Culinaire Worldwide has firmly established itself as a prominent catering company in San Jose since its inception in 2006. Strategically located at San Jose Mineta International Airport, our San Jose location takes immense pride in delivering exceptional services and providing innovative culinary solutions through the expertise of our seasoned San Jose Inflight catering team.

The Facility

At our impressive facility, our kitchen houses a highly skilled team of experienced culinary experts. Equipped with state-of-the-art cooking appliances and multiple walk-in coolers, our kitchen ensures efficiency and precision in every dish we create. We have also incorporated a dedicated cold production workspace and a GPS system for accurate delivery tracking, further enhancing our operational excellence. Moreover, the central location of our facility offers swift access to all nearby airports, making it a convenient choice for our valued customers.

Silicon Valley

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, our San Jose kitchen has had the privilege of catering to an esteemed clientele. We have served tech giants, foreign officials, and renowned personalities, building strong relationships with our regular customers along the way. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our sourcing practices, as we prioritize fresh, locally sourced produce. We take pride in utilizing the bountiful offerings of the region, including local wines and cheeses procured from trusted suppliers. Embracing Californian standards, we readily accommodate specific dietary needs and honor requests for organic items, ensuring a personalized and fulfilling experience for each event we cater.

Runway Cafe

Allow us to introduce the Runway Café, a delightful addition to the Air Culinaire Worldwide family. This charming café operates from 7 am to 5 pm and serves as the perfect spot for pilots, crew members, and passengers to indulge in our renowned breakfast burritos, tantalizing snacks, or a satisfying hot meal before or after their flight. With a diverse menu designed to satisfy various tastes and preferences, the Runway Café offers a welcoming atmosphere where travelers can relish in delicious culinary delights.


For the convenience of those departing from San Jose Mineta Airport, our facility is strategically located within the Atlantic Aviation property. This prime position enables us to be in close proximity to most FBOs on the airport premises, allowing for seamless coordination and hassle-free service.

Air Culinaire Worldwide’s San Jose inflight catering team services and memorable dining experiences. Whether it’s our culinary expertise, commitment to sourcing local ingredients, or the welcoming ambiance of the Runway Café, we strive to exceed expectations and create lasting impressions for our valued customers in the heart of Silicon Valley.

To learn more about our Runway café and get a peek into Air Culinaire Worldwide check out our Tiktok below.


From Chop to Plate: Witness the Culinary Magic as Our San Jose Team Crafts the Perfect Ratatouille Masterpiece! #inflightcatering #luxurytravel

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