Tampa Inflight Catering

Air Culinaire Worldwide headquarters was established in Tampa, Florida in 2012 and is located just minutes away from Tampa International Airport on the final approach to the runway. This facility houses finance, operations, guest services, sales, human resources, and technology teams and provides our experienced Tampa Inflight Catering team with access to senior leadership. The kitchen and training areas are modern, and employees can take a break at the state park across the street that borders Hillsborough Bay. 

Our General Manager of the Tampa Florida Kitchen, and his dedicated team have led the way in providing excellent service as a well-organized team. The kitchen is equipped with modern cooking appliances, walk-in coolers, a cold production workspace, GPS system for delivery tracking and accuracy, and is centrally located to provide quick access to most central Florida airports. This kitchen has catered to important travelers and many sports teams, and they have a close connection with their frequent customers and are willing to help them in any way.

Josh Lawson, currently working as the Kitchen Supervisor Operations at Air Culinaire, hails from Seattle. He takes great pleasure in creating dishes that highlight seafood as a chef. According to Lawson, his fondness for seafood can be traced back to his childhood in Seattle, where fresh fish is a significant part of the local cuisine. 

In the featured TikTok video, the culinary creation presented highlights a meticulously executed pan-seared red snapper, paired with expertly roasted fingerling potatoes, and elegantly finished with a topping of fresh shrimp mango salsa, on a citrus-infused orange Beurre Blanc sauce. The dish is a nod to the distinctive flavors of Florida that inspired its conception, discovered by the talented chef Josh during his time spent Living in the sunshine state. 

Below, you can find a video of the dish being prepared.  


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