10 Luggage Packing Tips for Corporate Flight Attendants


As a corporate flight attendant, it is important to remain organized so you can focus on your passengers. Having a system for packing your luggage is crucial for ensuring relaxed and stress-free travels, whether the trip is for a business aviation mission or for pleasure. Here are some tips to maximize efficiency and minimize costly (both time and money) packing errors.

1. Develop a packing list

Begin by making a list and adding items as soon as you think of them. Packing should start well before your expected departure. Plus, if you need to purchase additional items you have plenty of time to do so.

2. Follow the guidelines

Know your aviation / charter company so you have an idea of how much you can pack in terms of number of bags and weight. Overpacking can be costly, disorganized and adds more items you have to keep track of. In this case: less is more.

3. Duplicate frequently used items

Since you will most likely be traveling frequently, it may be worthwhile to duplicate some of your cosmetics and toiletries, choosing travel size versions of them when possible. This will give you the ability to always have a travel kit packed, so you will minimized the chances of forgetting them.

4. Roll your clothes

When you are ready to start packing your clothes, be sure to roll the clothes instead of folding them. This not only saves space, but also prevents wrinkles.

5. Pack clothes that are versatile

One more space-saving tip is to consider business attire that can double as or match with casual attire.

6. Launder your clothes during the trip

Check with your hotel to find out if they offer laundry service. It is wise to do laundry during your travels, since less clothing packed will save space.

7. Pack extra medication

Remember medications and make certain you have extra should your flight be delayed or trip be extended.

8. Charge your electronics

Make sure all electronics are charged. Imagine not having the use of your cellphone or laptop once you are on the ground. If you are traveling internationally, don’t forget your power outlet adapters. However, if you do forget to pack them, some hotels will be able to accommodate that need.

9. Onboard needs

Consider what personal items you need to take aboard, so you are not scrambling at the last minute.

10. Review and revise

As a frequent flyer, you should save your packing checklist, revisit it post-trip, and revise your list for future trips based on what worked well and what did not work so well.

The better prepared you are the more time, money and stress you will save yourself. Safe travels everyone!


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