9 Tips for Corporate Flight Attendant Interview Success

corporate flight attendant interview tips

First impressions are key to forming long-lasting relationships. Here are nine tips to help you interview with style and confidence.

  1. Plan Ahead – The night before a big interview, make sure you have thoroughly researched everything and everyone you need to know, so you are on your “A” game.
  2. Dress to Impress – You have to feel comfortable in the clothes you select, but you also want to be sure that you are dressed to impress. When it comes to meeting time, be sure your clothes are pressed and, most importantly, static-free and lint-free. Your shoes should be shined, and your watch and jewelry sparkling. Attention to detail is a must, especially in the world of private aviation.
  3. Look the Part – When interviewing for a role as a corporate flight attendant, whether it is for your first gig or your hundredth, you have to be able to look and play the part. You also have to have the mindset that you only have one shot to impress this client.
  4. Accessorize with Intention – When you select an outfit for a business aviation interview, what you choose isn’t just for physical appearances, but can bring a mental boost as well. I always like to wear one standout piece of jewelry or a scarf. I know it will add a pop of color to my wardrobe, but at the same time create a “talk piece” (something to casually discuss off topic as an icebreaker or to keep conversation flowing). It will also show your true personality when discussing something you are excited about. This tactic can decrease your level of nervousness during an interview, so you can show the best of yourself.
  5. Be Memorable – When trying to land your dream job as a corporate flight attendant, the way you conduct yourself is just an important as the clothing you choose. How you are dressed, how you can relate to the meeting participants and answer questions is always remembered. If you want to succeed, you must present yourself how you want others to remember you.
  6. Ease Tension – I have stayed awake many nights because of my nerves for an upcoming meeting. My outfit had been laid out, my research was done and I was ready – or so I thought. The next day, I show up at the meeting and get a question that I was not prepared to answer. That one question that just throws you for a loop! My fall back is laughter, but sometimes it is not professional or the perfect timing to laugh. As important as your meeting is, sometimes you just need to laugh. Appropriately, of course! It has been my personality and humor that have saved me in some extremely nerve-wracking meetings.
  7. Showcase Your Personality – Personality plays a big part in having a successful meeting or interview. Your personality, demeanor, clothing and punctuality that are all vital for your success. Interview success must honestly be done as a whole. Bringing your personality is a plus!
  8. Follow Up – I have spent the last year creating bespoke experiences for my clients. Every experience available has taken a lot of time to execute through meetings, emails and phone calls – some as many as five month before final approval. I share this as an example to show that not only do you have to be prepared for your interview, but you also have to follow up. Everyone is busy; it is up to you to follow up to close a deal.
  9. Stay Positive – You must also remember “everything happens for a reason.” If this meeting or interview did not work out, have a positive outlook and realize it is only preparing you for the next bigger and better step in your success.


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