Brazilian Flight Attendant – Adriana Evangelista

Adriana Evangelista

Brazil will take center stage this summer as it hosts football’s (or, if you are American: “soccer’s”) biggest tournament. Brazil has a unique culture, so we wanted to discuss the country with a native. Adriana Evangelista is an enthusiastic flight attendant based in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. She graduated from Edapa Flight School in October 2008.

Adriana is a multilingual flight attendant who speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Italian. This makes her a valuable asset when traveling throughout the globe. Not only is she a flight attendant, but also she cooks, and her specialty is “Picanha,” a specific type of beef cut in Brazil, which is highly popular. She also enjoys eating risotto, and says breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. When we asked her to name interesting dishes she has had recently, she responded, “Octopus and Tuna Tartar.”

Keeping true to her Brazilian roots, when we asked Adriana to talk about her favorite location, she said “Jurerê International, for the quality of life, clean air, natural beauty, architecture, wonderful people and restaurants. It is a safe and beautiful place that makes me feel like I am in Europe.” Adriana’s favorite things to do in Brazil include “enjoying a drink of Spanish Cava at the beach, surfing at the Matadeiro Beach, eating dinner with friends, dancing at Donna Beach Club, strolling in Lagoada Conceição (a community on a lagoon in Florianópolis), or catching a plane to Sao Paulo to visit my beautiful family.”

When it came to talking about Adriana’s favorite restaurant in Brazil, she told us that “Simple on the Beach, located in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, offers a beautiful, wonderful environment in front of the Sea Jurerê International. The atmosphere is nice and pleasant, the food is wonderful and fresh and, if possible, all produced within the kitchen, nothing artificial or frozen.” This sounds like the perfect place to eat and relax during a trip to Brazil!

Since in-flight catering can be a challenge throughout the world, we asked Adriana to describe one of her recent experiences in this area. Adriana says she hasn’t had any difficulties yet, and that she recently “had a private jet company from New Zealand traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup. The company was desperate to find good catering in Rio de Janeiro, and I was able to tap into my contacts to solve the problem within just a couple of minutes.”

Adriana shared her ideas of which skills are most important in order for a flight attendant to have a successful career. “First, learn to speak multiple languages. It helps a lot! Always be attentive, connected to everything during the flight, and very friendly. For a successful flight, it is important to have helpful staff that takes pleasure in serving and in creating comfort for pax. Be sure to have recurrent training with flight safety, medicine, first aid, and rescue.” The next time you are operating to or from Brazil, or need an enthusiastic multilingual flight attendant, contact Adriana Evangelista at

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