Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Located on the southern shores of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh (translates to “Bay of the Sheikh”) is a popular resort destination. While you may not think summer would be peak season due to the desert climate, Sharm el Sheikh benefits from the cool air that rolls off the Red Sea. Spring and Fall have warm temperatures that are also perfect for a getaway.

When visiting the city, you will operate to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH /HESH), which is located by the resorts. Over ten million passengers flow through the airport each year. Upon departing Sharm El Sheikh, in-flight catering for private jets is available through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network.

Sharm El Sheikh, known as the “City of Peace,” has several unique annual events. The first day of Spring, referred to as “Shem al Nessim,” (translates to “sniffing the breeze”) is a national holiday here, so be sure to plan ahead for stores to be closed.  Also held in April is the International Camel Competition, where competitors vie for the title of the fastest camel. Fishing is an ancient tradition here; you will find the National Fishing Competition held in May and the International Fishing Competition held in November. October bring the International Diving Competition that draws divers from around the world.

Speaking of diving, when looking at the top activities in Sharm el Sheikh, Ras Mohamed National Park and Tiran Island are favorite places for taking in nature and exploring the coral reef. For exploring the area, you will have your choice of hiking tours, boat tours and safaris. If you are interested in local history and architecture, visit the Al Mustafa Mosque and the Heavenly Cathedral. If you would like to have an authentic shopping experience and local cuisine, plan to spend some time at the Old Market, but be ready to haggle.

Traditional Egyptian cuisine is quite healthy and features fruit, vegetables and legumes, as well as local bread and protein. “Ful medames” (fava bean mash), and “koshari” (pasta, lentils and rice) are a couple examples of uniquely Egyptian main course, while other popular dishes are more widely known in the Mediterranean diet. These include falafel, shawarma, stuffed grape leaves and the likes. When it comes to dining, be sure to stick to cultural norms if you are doing so in public. Never use your left hand to grab food or eat, as it is considered unclean. It is ok to use your left hand to help tear your bread to use it like a utensil, but you must use your right hand to put it into your mouth.


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