Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Warsaw, Poland

Today we are featuring Poland’s largest city: Warsaw. Peak season for Poland starts in May and runs through September, so whether you are operating there for the first time or want to learn more, read along for a taste of Warsaw highlights.

When operating to Warsaw, the closest airport to the city is Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA / WAW), followed by Modlin Airport (EPMO / WMI) which is located north in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Both airports are served by the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network, so in-flight catering is available when you plan your departure.

If you have extra time on the group between arrival and departure, you will be best served by starting odd exploring the Warsaw Old Town. Here you can see the Royal Castle and the Warsaw Barbican, and try local coffee at one of the small cafes in the area. Next, visit Lazienki Palace and enjoy gorgeous views on the water. If you are lucky, you may even hear a pianist giving a concert near Chopin’s Monument in the summertime. Another must-see is Palace Wilanow, a royal palace from the 1600s featuring Baroque architecture.

For dining and shopping, take a stroll in the Nowy Swiat area. There you will find countless restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, tea shops, souvenir shops and more. If you, your crew or pax have a sweet tooth, absolutely try the Cukiernia Pawlowicz on Chmielan Street, where they make fresh donuts of all kinds of flavors. For luxury shopping, go to department store Vitkac on Bracka Street. If you prefer a mall, go to Zlote Tarasy Mall by the train station or Arkadia Mall on Jana Pawla Street, for more high-end stores.

When dining out, one thing that is different is that you have to wave to the server. You can sit as long as you want and they consider it rude to bother you while you eat. So you are the one who has to wave to the server if you want a drink or something else. The same goes with when you are ready for your check. Also, tipping is welcomed, but not many people leave a tip.

Pierogis, which can be stuffed with sweet or savory filling, is the most widely known Polish dish. Some food items are akin to German cuisine, like kapusta kiszona (sauerkraut) and kielbasa (Polish-style pork sausage). Other items, like chrzan (horseradish root), oscypek (smoked ewe’s milk cheese) and sekacz (pyramid cake – mainly comprised of sugar and eggs) are common Polish favorites to try while visiting Warsaw.


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