Business Aviation Tips and In-flight Catering for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With Carnival season upon us and operational plans to the Summer Games being built, it is the perfect time to get to know more about Rio de Janeiro. On an interesting note, the months of the Summer Games actually take place during the Brazilian winter. However, the climate is moderate all year long, making it an excellent venue for sports and outdoor activities.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro and is located along the Brazilian shoreline of the South Atlantic Ocean. In-flight catering is available through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network at Rio de Janeiro / Galeao – Antonio Carlson Jobim International Airport (SBGL) and Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ). As with any location in South America, 48 hours’ notice is required for in-flight catering orders. However, it is best to be extra proactive when planning and ordering catering during large, global events such as the Summer Games.

Rio is most famously known for hosting the world’s largest Carnival celebration each year. However, the city holds other colorful cultural festivities throughout the year. In June, you will find the Bonfire Festivals, or “Festas Juninas,” which is a winter celebration where locals light and gather around bonfires for stories, singing and dancing. September 7th each year brings the excitement and patriotic celebrations, such as parades and fireworks, of Brazilian Independence Day. If you are in Rio during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you are in for a treat. This holiday is the second-largest event in the city, behind Carnival. The hot spot for celebrations is centered at Copacabana Beach.

Brazilian cuisine varies from one region of the country to the next. Detailed information is available about Brazilian cuisine and in-flight catering, as well as the regional flavors of Brazilian cuisine. While visiting Rio, some of the more popular restaurants to consider are Porcao Rio’s, Aprazivel, Satyricon Ristorante and Referitorio Organico. If you are in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival or any other large event, be sure to call ahead first since regular business hours can be altered during those special events.

When traveling around town, keep in mind it is polite to make eye contact with anyone you are passing by or interacting with. When greeting or leaving, handshakes are common courtesy. However, females may also kiss one or both cheeks when greeting other females. If you are not sure of the appropriate greeting in a social situation, follow the lead of the individual who is a native.


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