Business Aviation Travel and In-flight Catering Tips for Brussels, Belgium

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With the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) hosting the first European Cabin Service Conference in Brussels, Belgium this Friday, you may be traveling to this location for the first time. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about this global destination for any upcoming business aviation trips to the city known as the unofficial capital of the European Union.

Located between France, Germany and the Netherlands, French and Dutch are the two most commonly spoke languages in Belgium. Each region of Belgium has variations in dialects and languages; Brussels is home to a population that mostly speaks French and a minority of Flemish speakers. English is not commonly spoken, so it is best to brush up on your basic French if you plan to spend significant time on the ground.

Brussels is known for being rainy, especially in July and December, but overall the climate is pleasant and mild. Be sure to bring an umbrella since you can find yourself in a rainstorm not matter the season. Peak season starts in spring and lasts through autumn. In-flight catering is available out of Brussels Airport (EBAW) through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network.

Brussels has countless events planned throughout the entire year. If you are in the city between the end of July and first week of September, you have the opportunity to tour the Royal Palace of Brussels while the royal family is on holiday.

If you love exploring culture and history, Brussels will keep your calendar full with over 80 museums to visit. During the latter half of September, museums are open late, making it possible to visit about half a dozen museums each day. Some of the most popular museum in Brussels are the BELvue, Musee Horta, Maison du Roi, Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts and Le Cinquantenaire.

No trip to Belgium is complete without sampling some of the country’s famous chocolates. Pierre Marcoline, Frederic Blondeel and Mary are just a few local favorites. While Belgium is world-renown for chocolates, beer, fries and waffles, they have many unique local specialties worth trying. “Moules-frites” (French) / “Mosselen-friet” (Dutch) is a dish that pairs mussels with fries, and is one of the country’s national dishes. The second national dish is “carbonade flamande” (French) / “Stoverij” (Dutch), a stew that is very similar to beef bourguignon. Another interesting savory dish to try is “Pêches au thon” (French) / “Perziken met tonijn” (Dutch), halved peaches stuffed with tuna salad.


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