Business Aviation Travel Tips and In-flight Catering for Mexico City

The Grand Prix of Mexico will be hitting the streets of Mexico City next week, so it is a prime time to get to know this capital city. While many of Mexico’s most visited cities are located along the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico Coastlines, Mexico City is a landlocked Federal District that is the capital city of the country.

Since it is the seat of the national government, there are many reasons, political or otherwise, that you are likely to travel to Mexico City during your career. Private aviation traffic to the Mexico City area is supported by five airports. The Mexico City International Airport (MMMX) is located closest to the heart of the city, Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport (MMTO) is located to the west, Cuernavaca / Gen. Mariano Matamoros Airport (MMCB) is to the south, Hermanos Serdan International Airport (MMPB) is to the east and Ingen. Juan Villasana Airport (MMPC) is to the north. In-flight catering is available at all of these ICAOs through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network. Due to its mild climate, Mexico City is favorable year-round. However, holidays and winter months see a spike in activity.

If you have extra time on the ground in Mexico City, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. Remember, $1 USD is currently about $16.40 MXN, so the pricing is much more affordable than at first glance. Vuelos en Globo MX Mexico is a company that provides hot air balloon flights and tours of natural and archeological sites. Another unique experience is Hiking Yoga Mexico, where you hike ancient ruins and do yoga in a small group. For water lovers, Medusa Buceo has diving options from open water to shipwrecks.

Being the country’s capital, Mexico City has dozens of museums to explore. The Museo Nacional de Antropologia is the place to do to see the country’s significant archeological findings. Fans of famous artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will have the opportunity to visit the La Casa Azul (the Frida Kahlo Museum) and Museo Anahuacalli (designed by Diego Rivera). These two museums were created by this artistic power couple for the people of Mexico.

If this is your first trip to Mexico City, you will want to observe local etiquette in order to have the best experience while in town. Probably the most widely known is the Mexican siesta. This is a time of rest that occurs between 1400 and 1700, so be mindful when planning activities during this time of day. When having conversations in person, do not step backward to get more space. Personal space is much closer in Mexico than in other countries, and it is considered rude to step away for more space. Another important note is to avoid the American hand gesture that means “OK.” This has a negative meaning in Mexico, so it is best just to say “OK” or “bien” instead.


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