Corporate Flight Attendant – Angie Doty

Today we are proud to feature Angie Doty, a corporate flight attendant based out of the Southwestern region of the United States. Angie kicked off her career in business aviation a year ago, and today she shares her insights into her career and her hometown.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this spotlight series. First, please share which airports you are based out of.

I currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona and fly out of Scottsdale Municipal Airport (SDL / KSDL), Van Nuys Airport (VNY / KVNY) and McCarran International Airport (LAS / KLAS).

Which aircraft have you flown on so far during your career?

  • Gulfstream II, IV
  • Challenger 601, 604, 605
  • Falcon 2000EX, 900

Where did you receive corporate flight attendant training?

I have completed training at Corporate Flight Attendant Training, FlightSafety International and CAPS Flight Crew Training.

When was your last recurrent?

September 2014

Have you received any awards / industry scholarships?

I have been given a glowing letter of recommendation from my corporate flight attendant instructor, Susan Friedenberg.

Aside from your corporate flight attendant training, what other education do you have?

I am a licensed esthetician.

Which business aviation conventions and trade shows do you attend?

I attend NBAA Regionals and the NBAA Flight Attendants / Flight Technicians Conference.

What has been your most memorable flight?

My first flight ever, because it was very challenging! I had a malfunctioning cabin door that was supposedly fixed. I had no idea it had been broken and thought I was inept for being unable to close the door. Which, by the way, was all the principal wanted. It was a stressful start to the flight, but everything else went smooth, and I was called back.

What are your favorite destinations, and why?

I love traveling to any foreign country with history and a beautiful beach. I’ve traveled throughout the United States and some abroad. I love to experience different cultures and people. Of course, I prefer to do so while on a beach!

What types of cuisine do you prefer?

My favorites are Italian, various types of Asian cuisine and American.

What are your favorite restaurants in Scottsdale?

Bandera, which is famous for their rotisserie chicken; and Olive and Ivy for their Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

What are some activities you would suggest for a corporate flight attendant visiting Scottsdale for the first time?

Depending on the time of year, I would recommend our incredible hiking trails or the zoo. Our shopping is quite amazing as well; we have great outlet malls.

Any cultural tips for a corporate flight attendant visiting Scottsdale for the first time?

If you are already familiar with the American culture, it is not really any different from anywhere else in the United States.

What are some in-flight catering challenges you have experienced?

I had a flight of seven pax, with restaurant-facilitated catering. They ordered enough food for at least 15 people that all arrived in large aluminum trays. Their trays were so large compared to the aircraft’s galley that they were not able to fit anywhere, except in the baggage area.

How did you recover from this challenge?

I used a large insulated bag to store all the hot food. Luckily, they were eating right after takeoff, so I had minimal reheating to do. I prepared the plates for the five children first, whom I decided could benefit from slightly cooler food while I reheated the entrees for the parents. Everything came off without a hitch, and all were pleased. The principal pax even tipped me, as well as the pilots.

What made you decide to become a corporate flight attendant?

I love people, luxury and travel – so this is a perfect fit for me. I have always been service-oriented, and I feel I can make a positive impact in this arena.

What do you feel are essential skills for a successful corporate flight attendant?

Patience, impeccable time management and flexibility, along with a caring personality.

What advice would you give someone looking to become a corporate flight attendant?

Be patient; don’t give up. Get good job-specific training and have fun!

Thanks for a great interview, Angie. What email address should be used to contact you?

I can be reached at

This article is part of a series of interviews we are conducting with corporate cabin crew members; individuals who are not employed by Air Culinaire Worldwide. If you would like to be considered for an interview, which is posted on our blog and all of our social media accounts, please contact

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