Corporate Flight Attendant Sherry Michener

Corporate Flight Attendant Sherry Michener

This week we are spotlighting Sherry Michener, a corporate flight attendant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Read on to learn more about Sherry, her experiences and details on her favorite destination.

Which aircraft have you flown on during your career?

  • Falcon 2000
  • Gulfstream III & IV

Where did you receive flight attendant training?

Beyond and Above in Florida.

When was your last recurrent?

June 2014

What is your base location?

I am based out of Dallas Love Field (DAL / KDAL) and Fort Worth Meacham (FTW / KFTW).

How long have you been a flight attendant?

I started my career as a corporate flight attendant three years ago.

Aside from your corporate flight attendant training, what other education do you have?

I have an MBA in Strategic Leadership and I am a Certified Professional Bartender.

Which business aviation conventions and tradeshows do you attend?

You can find me at a mix of NBAA national and regional events.

What has been your most memorable flight?

Over Christmas, I was on a flight with very famous celebrities. They were at their destination for a week and I had flown home for New Year’s. They requested that I return as their flight attendant for their flight home on January 2nd, it was a great experience!

What are your favorite destinations?

St. Martin because of the exposure to dual cultures (French and Dutch). Paris, France – because it is a magical city with fascinating history and beautiful art.

What are you favorite restaurants in Paris?

My absolute favorite dish in Paris is the Seared Turbot with Mushrooms and Spinach at Le Jules Verne – Eiffel Tower. Plus, the view of the City of Lights is breathtaking!

What are some things to do that you would suggest for a corporate flight attendant visiting Paris for the first time?

In Paris, you must visit The Louvre and Notre Dame. Paris is so beautiful at night, be sure to take a night city tour, there are several great ones to choose from.

Any tips for a corporate flight attendant visiting Paris for the first time?

Brush up on your French before visiting. Be prepared to enjoy mayonnaise on your French fries and make sure you purchase a Paris Metro Pass so you can hop on and off the bus throughout the day and see all the wonderful sights.

What made you decide to become a corporate flight attendant?

It just made sense. I love to travel, I have experience as an executive admin to a Fortune 500 executive, I have worked in five-star restaurants, I am a professional bartender and I love being able to make my passengers smile.

What do you feel are essential skills for a successful corporate flight attendant?

Customer service, project management, attention to detail, having passion for what we do and always being one step ahead for the entire flight.

What advice would you give someone looking to become a corporate flight attendant?

It is never too late to pursue your dreams. Wish it, dream it and do it!

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