Creative Inflight Catering and the Top 10 College Football Teams


If you are operating to a football game for one of the top college teams in the United States, this is the perfect opportunity to show your creativity. As always, you will need to know any food allergies and dietary preferences your passengers may have before deciding to surprise them with a special culinary treat. Another personal touch is to coordinate flowers arrangements with the team colors. Whether you are flying a fan or one of the team, here are the school colors and most popular game day foods for some of the top 10 college football teams.

  1. Florida State Seminoles – Florida State offers a variety of food, including a pulled park sandwich from Piggy’s Barbecue and jambalaya from Zatarain’s. Celebrate a big win by offering one of these dishes to your passengers. Garnet and gold are the team colors, so a mix of yellow and dark red sunflowers would look great in the cabin.
  2. Auburn Tigers – Toomer’s Corner is where everyone goes to celebrate after the game and Toomer’s Drugs is where you can get their famous lemonade, hot dogs and grilled cheese to celebrate. If you passengers are Auburn fanatics, this would be a fitting dish to serve onboard. Burnt orange and navy blue are the school colors, so an exotic flower arrangement featuring a bird-of-paradise might be a good call.
  3. Oklahoma Sooners – The Theta Burger is a longtime Oklahoma favorite. Serve up sliders (miniature hamburgers) with hickory barbecue sauce, shredded cheese, dill pickles and mayonnaise. Make sure to have extra napkins handy. Sooners are crimson and cream, so you will have plenty of floral options to work with.
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide – Roll Tide is notorious for eating chicken filet sandwiches. So why not get Mini Fried Chicken Sandwiches with coleslaw, and serve sweet tea with them? With crimson and white being the school colors you can go with roses, daisies or mix of flowers.
  5. Michigan State Spartans – Spartans fans are known for being one of the best tailgating universities in the country. In their stadium you will find the usual football favorites, from hamburgers to sausages. More interestingly, they even have a “Chicken and Waffle” sandwich to tantalize your taste buds. Spartans sport green and white, so think of orchids or jasmine as a finishing touch.
  6. Oregon Ducks – The Ducks are popular for their Marionberry Barbecue Sandwich. The sandwich is served on ciabatta bread, with a barbecue sauce made of marionberries (a type of blackberry) and coffee. Make smoked barbecue sliders with sweet berry and coffee sauce, served with Dungeness Crab Salad. The Ducks wear bright green and yellow uniforms; daylilies and pansies will brighten up your décor.
  7. Ohio State Buckeyes – Tailgating in Ohio is an important activities for loyal fans. Some of the most popular tailgating items at OSU are chili and smoked meats. Get creative by offering your passengers a Smoked Meat Chili served with an assortment of their favorite toppings. Scarlet and grey may seem like a difficult combination for a floral arrangement. However, the silvery leaves of lamb’s ear coupled with deep red tulips can pull off a win.
  8. Stanford Cardinals – Stanford fans have their choice of everything from sushi to hot dogs on whole wheat buns. Offer your passengers an arrangement of sushi or organic beef hot dogs. Cardinal red with white can be symbolized with cardinal flowers and white chrysanthemums.
  9. UCLA Bruins – Bruins tailgating is synonymous with prime rib sandwiches or teriyaki chicken. Either meal will help your passengers get geared up for a win! Black, gold and white make an eye-catching color combination; try black irises with daisies.
  10. Baylor Bears – With a new stadium, the sky is the limit on food options for Bears fans. However, the team is in Texas, so barbecue is still king. Flying Baylor passengers gives you a chance to get creative with green and gold flowers. Marigolds and ivy can score big in a floral arrangement.


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