In-Flight Catering Tips for the 2014 Winter Games

Sochi Russia Private Aviation Inflight Catering

The Winter Games and the G8 Summit are both being held in Sochi, Russia this year. This has thrust Sochi into the global spotlight, but there is another test of skills only those in the private aviation industry are aware of: parking and obtaining in-flight catering during extremely busy global events. Since the 2014 Winter Games will be one of the busiest events of 2014 for private air traffic, you will need to give your in-flight caterer as much notice as possible, with a minimum of 48 hours. This will allow for each location to source and suggest substitutions that are readily available. In addition, here are some tips on the special procedures set in place during the Winter Games, along with some ways to make this occasion a successful mission for your flight crew and passengers.

Sochi International Airport (URSS)

Sochi International Airport typically experiences a volume of 75 aircraft a day, but this will increase to at least 200 aircraft a day during the Games. Sochi (URSS) catering revisions or cancellations will not be accepted within 24 hours of departure. Dry ice, as well as shopping items (such as specific brand-name items, flowers, non-consumables, and the like) will probably not be available. It is highly recommended that catering be procured, where possible, on positioning legs and at parking locations, due to the limited time available on the ground at Sochi.

Parking Locations Inside Russia & the Ukraine

In addition to the minimum 48-hour notice, all Russian and Ukrainian airports, and caterers associated with Sochi’s parking locations, require additional notice for brand-specific items, alcohol, caviar, dry ice (where available), and similar items. Russia is an extremely expensive market, so expect the pricing to reflect an additional increase in all locations supporting the Games. This can typically be 4-5 times what is experienced in US Markets and other regions of the world.

In-flight catering is available at all of the parking locations located within Russia and Ukraine, referenced below. However, those locations will also be experiencing a higher volume than is their norm for private and business aircraft. It is recommended that flight crews travel with extra packaging and supplies (e.g., foils, coolers, re-usable gel packs, dry stores, and service equipment) to supplement catering procured in all locations. In a majority of these locations, English-language newspapers will not be widely available. Availability of dry ice will vary by location.

Catering is also available at the Pulkovo/St. Petersburg Airport (ULLI) and the Moscow/Vnukovo Airport (UUWW), Moscow Domodedovo International Airport (UUDD), Moscow/Sheremetyevo Airport (UUEE), and Moscow/Ostafyevo International Business Airport (UUMO), but those airports will also be experiencing higher volume because of the Games.

Parking Locations Outside of Russia

Turkey – Dry ice, coolers, and Russian-style cuisine are available. Some types of caviar are available. Please note that some kitchens are Halal (no pork or alcohol in the catering), but sealed bottles and cans of alcohol are available upon request.

Catering is available for aircraft at the following airports in Turkey:

Romania – Dry ice, coolers, caviar, and Russian-style cuisine are available at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (LROP) and Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (LRBS).

Catering is also available for the following Romanian airports. These are smaller cities, and finding more refined ingredients or products may be difficult


Catering is also available at the following locations in Poland. These are smaller cities, and finding more refined ingredients or products may be difficult:

Catering is available at:

Catering is not available at Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport (LBGO), and Burgas Airport (LBBG) will not be open during the Games.

Additional Northern, Western, Central, European Locations – Catering is available in most all major cities.

Tech / Fuel Stops – Catering is available in:


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