Private Aviation Catering Services for G-7 Summit

G7 Munich Inflight Catering

Gruss Gott! And, great news: Air Culinaire Worldwide is fully-equipped to support your private aviation catering needs for the G-7 Summit, which takes place in Munich, Germany during June 7-8, 2015. We have researched and hand-picked the best local vendors, who can bring to you a full palette of regional flavors and provide elite services to meet your clients’ needs.

Location, Airports and Environment

The event will take place in Schloss (Palace) Elmau, a luxury hotel complex, nestled in a picturesque mountain landscape within 1h 30min from Munich city center in the land of Bavaria. Two main airports will be servicing the G-7 summit flights:

Bavaria is probably the most unique region of Germany with its own history. The homeland of Oktoberfest where Tracht (national costumes) is worn at events and festivals, Bavaria is the most distinctive region of Germany. Its people take immense pride in their traditions and heritage and strongly identify themselves as Bavarians before Germans. The conventional greeting for the area is “Gruss Gott,” which means “God bless you” and demonstrates a religious tradition firmly preserved through the years. This custom is also manifested in the daily schedules of German people: Sunday is considered to be a church day.

Although not everybody goes to church, the rule is observed. Sunday is the day of rest and family time, so do not expect department stores, grocery shops or businesses (sometimes aviation catering included) to be open. But a little Bäckerei (bakery) may save your day if you are just shopping for a piece of apple strudel before noon. The land of Bavaria is conveniently settled amid the abundance of regional and cultural influences, good wine and excellent food.

Regional Culinary Offerings

Bordering on Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland, there is no lack of cultural or, for that matter, culinary variety in Bavaria. In terms of food, nothing is off-limits: Western, traditional Bavarian; but also, being world travelers, Germans masterly incorporate other national dishes in their daily meals. Traditional Bavarian offerings like roasted pork, dumpling liver soup or duck are hearty and rich. For summer times, Obatzda, a cheesy delicacy made of finely blended local cheeses and butter served cold, will make a great pairing with a Mass (1 L beer) or Radler (light beer and lemonade). For non-alcoholic but refreshing taste, opt for an Apfelschorle (apple juice with mineral water) or Spezi (Coke and lemonade).

It may be a lucky coincidence or the result of careful planning, but the G-7 Summit takes place in Germany during the culinary fifth time of year – Spargelsaison (White Asparagus Season). The country goes crazy for this more tender than its green relative, vitamin-rich vegetable! There are many dishes to be had. Just add “white asparagus” in front of the following: cream soup, salad, main course with hollandaise sauce (the sauce needs to be specially made for aviation catering needs, so it does not break at high attitudes) served with young potatoes and ham, and even desserts with spring fruit and berries.

Speaking about healthy, Birchermüesli will be another common choice, traditionally served cold for breakfast with the pieces of apple, preferably the sour kind. For the lovers of rustic products, wholesome German breads and pretzels will make a great selection. Do not be shy to ask for what your passengers like; you will be surprised with the abundance of seafood, and availability of Arabic mezze and Asian specialties!


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