Private Aviation Tips for the Big Game (Part 2)

Private Aviation Tips Big Game

It’s time for the Big Game. By now, you should have parking, hotels, transportation and catering all lined up for a successful trip. With that being said, here are some helpful tips to make sure all goes as planned:

Teterboro Airport (TEB)

To ease the flow of information during this event, Teterboro has released a PDF covering Big Game operations, which you can view here.


Many Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) will have an on-site caterer to take last-minute orders and organize pre-ordered departing catering requests, but be aware that some last-minute items may be difficult to get. Some FBOs will have a lounge area set up for crews to relax and enjoy the game on television while they wait for their passengers.

TEB Departure Checklist:

  • Make sure you arrange fuel early.
  • Double-check that catering arrives two hours prior to departure and that everything is accounted for since unforeseen events are always a possibility.
  • All FBOs will have a designated Ramp Departure Coordinator (RDC).
  • No aircraft will be permitted to depart without required clearances from the RDC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • All pilots must check in with the FBO’s RDC when passengers are present and ready for departure.
  • The RDC will issue a sequence number to the pilot.
  • When your sequence number is announced, passengers and crew will be allowed to proceed to their aircraft.

Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)

The Morristown airport authorities have created a web page dedicated to explaining the airport’s Big Game Reservation System. The airport has set a limited number of reservations for the Big Game. A certain amount of reservations will be held back in the event the airport is faced with a winter storm. If no snow or potential winter storms are forecast in the days leading up to the the Big Game, airport authorities will release the remainder of the reservations. Also, MMU will be closing runway 13/31 and taxiways to accommodate the large number of aircraft arriving.

Newark Liberty International Airport (ERW)

Signature flight Support (FBO) is requiring slot times and reservations for incoming and departing aircraft. They have also reserved additional parking for aircraft. No matter which airport you will be at, it is a good idea to review the following best practices, so you can provide your clients with a seamless departure and in-flight experience.

Private Aviation Tips for the Big Game:

  • Make sure in-flight catering is arranged in advance and scheduled to be delivered 2-3 hours before departure, since most caterers are at least 35-60 minutes away from the airport, and roads will also be tied up with extra traffic.
  • Check with the FBO for their requirements and procedures for departure.
  • Once your catering order arrives, double-check to ensure everything has arrived safely.
  • Fuel early and be ready!
With this information, you should be ready for the Big Game. I hope your team wins!


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