Private Aviation Tips for the Big Game (Part 1)

Private Aviation Super Sunday

In the world’s busiest aviation area, it was decided to have the biggest game of the year at the football stadium. We know that it’s going to be a madhouse for parking private aircraft, just like last year’s Big Game, when Lakefront Airport in New Orleans (KNEW) was at maximum capacity. If you haven’t made parking arrangements for Teterboro (KTEB) already, it’s most likely too late. Instead, you may want to try Newark (KEWR), White Plains (KHPN), or Morristown (KMMU). Since September 11th, each year the Big Game has had a no-fly zone, and with KTEB and KEWR being so close to the stadium, be prepared for alternates and delays.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is imposing an additional fee for using Teterboro Airport during the Big Game. The additional fee will be $250 starting on January 29, 2014 and lasting through February 4, 2014. The fee will offset the additional operating expenses incurred by the airport during this period. Teterboro Airport will also keep its voluntary ban on flights from 2300 to 0600; also they are considering slot times for arrivals and departures.

After you and your flight department decide where you will park, it’s time to think about in-flight catering. Catering on this day is one of the busiest days of the year, so planning ahead is critical in order to have the best outcome possible for you and your passengers. Many caterers will not take your order on the day of the event and you must order well in advance if you want your food. However, some caterers will have a pre-set menu for any last-minute orders so you will have in-flight catering for your aircraft. Here are some helpful tips to ease your private aviation catering concerns during this event:

  • Contact in-flight caterers to get menus, suggestions, and find out what will be available during the Big Game.
  • Pick a reliable caterer and make sure they will be delivering your in-flight catering in a refrigerated truck. Gameday will be extremely busy for aviation caterers, and food safety is a major concern while caterers drive to many airports for deliveries.
  • Plan ahead and get your order placed as soon as possible. Special dietary items will be especially hard to get unless you plan ahead to ensure your caterer has them on-hand for your order.
  • Keep your passengers happy by ordering plenty of heavy appetizers for them to enjoy while on the ramp. It is almost guaranteed that you will experience delays, so make sure passengers stay full while they wait to take off.

You will have to be an offensive coordinator to make sure you are part of a winning team during your Big Game travels, so remember that the key is to plan ahead. Stay safe and safe travels!


If you have any questions about inflight catering for private jets in New York/New Jersey, contact

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