San Antonio Corporate Flight Attendant – Jennifer Kowalczyk

Jennifer Kowalczyk CFA

This week we are featuring a corporate flight attendant in San Antonio, Texas with 17 years of experience. Jennifer Kowalczyk started her career in 1998 with Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia. She spent six years in commercial aviation and then took the next step in her career when she completed training with FlightSafety International in Savannah, Georgia and Aircare FACTS in Dallas, Texas. She has now worked for 13 years as a corporate flight attendant and has some great experiences to share with everyone.

Jennifer has accumulated experience flying on many aircraft including MD88, MD90, B727, B737, B757, B767, B777, Hawker, Challenger 300, Challenger 600, G300, G400, G450 and G550. Her career highlight was when she literally traveled around the world, but her most memorable flight was “bringing my first brand new G450 home from Savannah. That is one memory I will never forget. To start at the bottom, working reserve at Delta, to taking delivery on a G450. I think that speaks for itself!”

Jennifer is an active member of the business aviation community and attends the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) annual convention and is up-to-date with her training, having completed her recurrent just weeks ago in February 2015. Jennifer is self-motivated and full of drive to provide the highest level of service to her clients. This means she is always looking for ways to add value to her skill set as a corporate flight attendant, so she takes pride in creating dishes for her passengers and is a Lay Responder for the American Red Cross.

Reflecting upon her travels, Jennifer’s favorite destination is India. “I’ve traveled all over the world and seen some amazing places,” she said. “Breathtaking places, actually. However, when I went to India and saw that so many people there have so little and yet are so grateful and happy, it made me appreciate how much I have and realized how material things are irrelevant. After leaving India, I realized just how spoiled and ungrateful we can get in the United States. It was truly an eye-opening experience.”

Back on the ground in San Antonio, Jennifer has tips to share if you are a corporate flight attendant visiting the city for the first time. Being that her favorite food is Mexican cuisine, she shared, “La Gloria has the best margaritas in town, but for authentic Mexican food, be sure to find a good mom and pop shop. There are plenty of them around town.”

“San Antonio is filled with an incredible amount of great culture and diversity,” said Jennifer while discussing the best spots to visit in town. “Travel to the Missions and explore the River Walk, of course. Then venture off to the Texas Hill Country for some great wine vineyards; they might just surprise you!”

Since Jennifer has a high level of experience, we wanted to get her input into what makes a successful corporate flight attendant. “Knowing what your passengers want before they know they want it,” she said. “Anticipating their needs is huge! If you can do that; you are above the rest!” She also said that “if you want to become a corporate flight attendant, start in commercial. The best experience I ever got was dealing with 300+ passengers a day, multiple crews, heavy schedules, short nights and long days. It will mold you to always be on your toes.” The next time you need a corporate flight attendant based out of San Antonio, contact Jennifer Kowalczyk at

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