Top 8 Tips for Operating to American Football Games


Football season has arrived in the United States! Whether you are traveling to a college game or a professional game, you will want to ensure you and your passengers have an enjoyable journey to and from the venue. Here are some of the most important things to consider when planning a private aviation trip to a football game:

1.  Football games are very popular in the Unites States, so plan every aspect of your trip well in advance. This is even more important if you a traveling to see one of the top teams, a playoff game or championship game.

2.  As is the case with any large sporting event, ramp space may be limited in some airports. To avoid any issues in securing your space, be sure to call the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to confirm.

3.  Make sure your passengers have ground transportation arranged early. Rental cars and private cars get booked well in advance for the big games.

4.  Arrive at least an hour before the game. This will provide ample time for your passengers to get to the stadium without feeling rushed.

5.  If you will be staying overnight, book rooms early to avoid your hotel of choice being sold out. Additionally, your crew should stay at a hotel that is located away from the stadium in order to eliminate traffic delays when driving back to the airport for the departing flight.

6.  Plan in-flight catering wisely and well in advance, especially when it comes to the playoffs and championship game. Sometimes smaller airports will have limited ability to facilitate catering or the catering may not fit your passengers’ expectations. If operating to a smaller airport, consider provisioning all catering out of a major hub and having it stored while you are on the ground.

7.  While on the ground, make sure you get fueled early. Fueling can take a substantial amount of extra time if there are a lot of aircrafts on the ground. Fueling up early will help ensure your aircraft departs on schedule.

8.  Always expect the unexpected…

This is the first article in a three-part series covering private aviation, in-flight catering and football. For in-flight catering tips and suggestions, stay tuned to this blog throughout the rest of this week.


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