Redefining In-Flight Catering

In-Flight Catering Tips

National Chips and Dip Day

Mexican nacho chips and salsa dip in bowl on wooden background

Which came first, the chip or the dip? A few days ago, we discussed the potato chip, which was invented in 1853. In the Middle East, hummus Read More

National Water Day


Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface; yet, only 2.5% of that water is freshwater. For our bodies to function correctly, the body needs between one Read More

National Pound Cake Day

Pound Cake

Pound cake dates back to Europe in the 1700s. The cake is traditionally made with a pound of each ingredient: flour, butter, egg and sugar – Read More

National Chocolate Soufflé Day

chocolate souffle

Anybody familiar with the culinary arts will tell you that cooking is half art, half emotion and half science. Yes, that is more than 100 percent, but true cooks put as much as they can into everything they create – Read More

National Strawberry Day

National Strawberry Day

Let’s say you were given 3 one dollar bills and one quarter – and the bills had slight tears and the quarter was dented. Would you throw these in the garbage? Probably not! Read More