London Local Cuisine and Burns Night in the United Kingdom

Scottish Poet Robert Burns

Each month we put together a Monthly Market Report for London, discussing the freshest food available in the United Kingdom. This means that, even if you have never been to the UK before, you have a resource available to help you select the best local food during the specific month you will be traveling in the area. Knowing when the peak season is, or when the off season is, can create a world of difference in quality and help manage your clients’ expectations.

In addition to the London In-Flight Catering Market Report, this month, a unique menu has been developed to celebrate Burns Night. Burns Night is celebrated annually on January 25 to honour the life and literary work of Scottish poet Robert Burns. The night is spent with friends and family and involves pipers, toasts, singing, and lots of food – especially “the Haggis!” The limited-time Burns Night Menu features a number of Scottish dishes, including Traditional Steamed Haggis, Cock-a-Leekie Soup, Neeps and Taties, Scottish Cheeses, and more. This is a great way to eat authentic local cuisine and join in on the festivities.


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