2013’s Top Food Trends in the United Kingdom

The top food trends in the United Kingdom during 2013 were marked by how people viewed the economic climate. In addition, the European market has grown far more discerning about the specific ingredients in a product instead of accepting a “smoke and mirrors” approach to food.

1. Street Food from Rare Breed Pork to Chili Soya Beans

There has been an increase over the last 12 months of street food carts/grab-and-go in markets and food shows across the United Kingdom, which allows people to try various styles of food at an affordable price. Street food is a new concept in the UK, but it is eaten by 2.5 billion people globally.

2. Next Generation Burgers

During 2013 there has been a move towards the more wholesome burger outlets, such as Burger Boutique, Shake Shack and Five Guys, all of which offer a quality burger which is streaks ahead of the typical fast food chain burger. These burgers are available at an affordable price without all the pomp and ceremony of a restaurant.

3. Rediscovering Old Favourites

There seems to be more and more independent restaurants appearing using smaller menus with fresher product, sourced locally sometimes within only 15 miles away. As well as, there has been a re-introduction of the old favourite restaurants, such as French Bistros and Italian Tratorias.

4. Beach and Hedgerow Foraging

An increasing percentage of the general public and restaurant chefs have been spending time foraging (gathering wild foods), or buying products that have been foraged, from the sea shore or from hedgerows. Not only does this give a completely distinctive flavour to food, it is also a great way to eat healthy, get a bit of exercise and save money.

5. Australian Beef

In the last twelve months there has been an increase, in some cases of up to 28%, of Australian beef products in the UK and throughout the rest of Europe. Australian beef can be seen in prestigious places such as Harrods Food Hall and, from the middle of October, it even started to be sold in a major supermarket chain.

6. Michelin Star Pubs

Quality restaurants in pubs have increased over the last few years, but for the last twelve months we have seen the development of traditional-style English pubs selling Michelin star food. (Michelin stars are a prestigious rating system for European hotels and restaurants which has recently branched out to include North America and Asia.) A few examples of these Michelin star chefs are Marco Pierre White at the Horse and Groom in Wiltshire, Heston Blumenthal at The Crown at Bray and Tom Kerridge at the Hand and Flowers in Marlow.

7. Underground Restaurants and Supper Clubs

With social networking sites and the power of the internet, an increasing number of people are turning to the lucrative business of running small restaurants and supper clubs in their own home. Although not a new concept, this has become more of the trendy thing for people living in London and other major cities in the United Kingdom over the past couple of years.

Overall, the United Kingdom and Europe has turned towards healthier foods, whether they are high-end imported beef, locally sourced ingredients or even foraged. 2014 is sure to bring a continuation of more conscious eating habits as the people of the UK continue to increase demand of such food items.


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