Redefining In-Flight Catering

Plating Guide Videos

HOW TO: Lobster Bisque In-Flight Plating Video

Lobster bisque is a popular soup that will be a welcomed addition to any in-flight menu. Presentation is key for transforming this from a simple soup to a culinary experience, complete with Read More

HOW TO: Napa Salad with Duck In-Flight Plating Video

Napa Duck plating

Duck provides lean protein and gives your passengers a change of pace, so you can avoid menu fatigue. Follow these six steps, and you will have a memorable culinary presentation in about one minute. Be sure to share photos of you own plating techniques with us on your Read More

HOW TO: Thai Beef and Noodle Salad In-Flight Plating Video

Have a client who loves red meat but is looking to stay health conscious? Thai beef and noodle salad is right on trend. Don’t let the word “salad” fool you! This is a complete entrée that plates up in five quick steps, all of which are tailored to the limited space of a typical private Read More

HOW TO: Potato Leek Soup In-Flight Plating Video

Flying from a cold weather destination? Serve up a warm and flavorful soup in just four steps. Potato leek is a long-standing favorite soup, paired with the distinct flavors of smoked bacon and sun-dried Read More

HOW TO: Lemon Shrimp and Artichoke Salad In-Flight Plating Video

Artichokes are the star of this dish, with a whole host of health benefits from phytonutrients and minerals. In fact, artichokes are so beneficial that you can now find a variety of health food stores selling artichoke extract for digestive and liver health. Served over a bed of Read More

HOW TO: Salad of Kidderton Ash In-Flight Plating

Kidderton Ash Salad

Today we bring you a uniquely British salad from Executive Chef Neil Pope from Air Culinaire Worldwide London. While this is a salad, the highlight of the dish is the warm Kidderton ash, a goat cheese created at Read More

HOW TO: Panna Cotta and Burrata In-Flight Plating Video

Treat your favorite pax to an Italian treat on your next flight. Fresh berries and almond granola are the perfect compliments to our panna cotta and burrata. In eight steps you will have a culinary masterpiece ready to impress. Have your own unique plating for this dessert? Be sure to Read More

HOW TO: Poached Salmon In-Flight Plating

London poached salmon

Scottish salmon the second-largest food export from the United Kingdom. With a taste that is so wildly popular, especially in China, there is no wondering why this dish is one of the top items on our London menu. Paired with roasted lemons, buttered samphire and citrus cream, this poached salmon dish sure to be a hit on your next flight out of London! Learn how to plate it in Read More