HOW TO: Panna Cotta and Burrata In-Flight Plating Video

Treat your favorite pax to an Italian treat on your next flight. Fresh berries and almond granola are the perfect compliments to our panna cotta and burrata. In eight steps you will have a culinary masterpiece ready to impress. Have your own unique plating for this dessert? Be sure to share your photos.

Tools and Ingredients

  • Plate
  • Spoon
  • Panna Cotta Kit
    • Panna Cotta
    • Almond Granola
    • Crème Anglaise
    • Raspberry Coulis
    • Burrata Kit
      • Burrata
      • Fresh Berries
      • Balsamic Coulis

8 Plating Steps

      • Spoon crème anglaise on plate.
      • Place panna cotta on top of crème anglaise.
      • Arrange almond granola on center of plate.
      • Plate strawberries on top of panna cotta.
      • Drizzle raspberry coulis on top of panna cotta.
      • Place burrata on plate.
      • Sprinkle fresh berries on and around burrata.
      • Drizzle balsamic coulis on and around burrata.

View more in-flight plating guide videos on YouTube.

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