Corporate Flight Attendant Sydney Collins

Sydney Collins Corporate Flight Attendant

Sydney Collins recently made a huge decision in her life – she became a corporate flight attendant. Sydney completed her initial training October 3, 2014 and has already been busy putting her skills to work on a Gulfstream G650 and a Global Express. Sydney is based out of Baltimore, Maryland but is available for assignments worldwide.

Before becoming a corporate flight attendant, Sydney worked in the hospitality industry. For three years, she worked in Marriott Full Service Brand and Marriott Autograph Collection hotels. One of which is a hotel frequented by corporate flight attendants attending initial and recurrent training at FlightSafety International’s facility in Savannah, Georgia. It may have been fate that brought her there, since she soon decided to join the business aviation industry and received her training at the same facility.

In addition to her hospitality experience, Sydney also has several years of fine dining, and restaurant food and beverage service experience. Continuing her passion for learning and providing the highest level of service to her clients, in October 2014 Sydney attended Air Culinaire Worldwide’s first Flight Crew Food Safety Training and Culinary Workshop. During the annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention this year, she was the recipient of the Corporate Flight Attendant Training Scholarship through Women in Corporate Aviation. This was her first time attending an NBAA convention, and she plans to attend Women in Aviation’s convention in March 2015.

After completing her initial training, Sydney embarked on a three day, five city trip on a G650. She says that this was a memorable flight, not only because it was her first, but also because she “couldn’t have asked for a better first trip. The pilots, the passengers and, of course, the plane, couldn’t have been more perfect!”

If you are as inspired by corporate aviation as Sydney is, and considering making the life-changing decision to become a corporate flight attendant, it helps to get some knowledgeable advice from fellow members of the industry. “I always say that I never jump ships without a life vest,” said Sydney. “You must do your due diligence! I changed my entire life completely, but I didn’t do it frivolously. If you are looking to become a corporate flight attendant – before you leap ask lots of questions, do your research and get involved. Surround yourself with great people in the industry, and don’t be afraid or intimidated. Acknowledge expertise, listen and learn. Don’t hesitate to contact me; I will help in any way I can! Also, never run out of ‘thank you’s’ and be sure to keep in touch. Follow-up with the people who have helped you through your journey, they want to know what you’re up to. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t have helped you in the first place!”

Sydney also shared with us that, for someone to become a successful corporate flight attendant, she believes they must have “a great smile through thick and thin, intuition, integrity, sincerity, creativity, fearlessness and a heart for serving others.” If you are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated corporate flight attendant, contact Sydney Collins at

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