Aviation Food Safety Course Held by Air Culinaire Worldwide Gains National Recognition

Private Aviation Food Safety and Culinary Training

Tampa, Florida (January 17, 2017) – Air Culinaire Worldwide is taking on the new year with national recognition for its Aviation Food Safety course. Business aviation crew members who have completed or plan to complete the training in the United States are now certified in all 50 states.

Launched in 2014, the food safety course, known as Flight Crew Food Safety Training, is a partnership between Aircare International and Air Culinaire Worldwide in an effort to provide crewmembers with advanced knowledge to take on a successful journey. In sessions led by John Detloff,Vice President of Flight Attendant Services, Air Culinaire Worldwide, and his team, students learn valuable skills and information on key subjects, such as safe food handling, gluten-free cooking and guidance to safely handling food allergies.

Now offering a recognized certificate on a national level, Air Culinaire Worldwide’s food safety training is a resume-builder and an advantage to professionals in business aviation. Those who complete the course will not only have a better understanding of food safety, but will also significantly decrease their potential liability onboard the aircraft.

“Food safety training is an absolute necessity and can be potentially life-saving,” said Detloff. “We feel that the recognized national certification will encourage more crewmembers to become certified, thus improving the overall safety of inflight dining in our industry.”

Those who wish to expand their qualifications further also have the option to complete a Food Safety Manager exam. The exam will follow the training, and is nationally recognized.

For more information on Air Culinaire Worldwide and Aircare FACTS Training please visit www.airculinaireworldwide.com, or call John Detloff at +1 (813) 449-6005.

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