The Differences Between Macaroons and Macarons

macaroons and macarons

Over the years we have received many inflight catering requests that include either macaroons or macarons. While these two sweet treats are spelled almost the same, the items themselves are quite distinct in appearance and taste.

Macaroons (mak-ə-ROONs) have a rough appearance due to the shreds of coconut they are made from. They typically will take one to two bites to consume and are smaller and thicker than a cookie. Macaroons are one solid piece and have the color of toasted coconut. They can sometimes have a small amount of filling that would not be visible until bitten into, but usually do not have a filling. Some come with chocolate drizzled over them.

Macarons (mah-kə-ROHNs) have a smooth appearance due to being made from a paste of finely-ground almonds. They usually take only one bite to consume and are much smaller than an average cookie. Macarons are made like a sandwich, with a top and bottom layer and a visible middle layer of filling. Macarons come in many colorful options that go along with the corresponding flavor.

The good news is that both sweets are usually gluten-free. However, it is always best to specify and double-check when buying them or placing an inflight catering order. Pronunciations for both items have been provided in this article to aid when verbally communicating which of these items you would like to order.


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