Business Aviation Travel Tips and In-flight Catering for Antalya, Turkey

The G-20 Leaders Summit will be held this weekend in the beautiful Turkish resort city, Antalya. Located off the Turquoise Coast of the Mediterranean Sea and flanked by the Taurus Mountains, Antalya is the perfect setting for a luxurious vacation or important business meetings and conferences. The city enjoys a moderate climate most of the year, with a hot summer.

When operating to Antalya, you will arrive at Antalya Airport (LTAI). While on the ground in Antalya, you will have access to a tram system, buses and car rentals. When it is time to depart, in-flight catering is available at LTAI through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network. As with all international locations, a minimum 48-hour notice is required for catering orders. This is especially true during peak dates, such as those impacted by departures from the G-20.

As is expected from any tropical resort town, outdoor activities are second to none. Beach and water activities are very popular, along with bike tours and golfing. If you have time, visit Konyaalti Beach, Kaputas Beach or Mermerli Beach. Golf lovers, you have your pick of several courses, such as Antalya Golf Club, National Golf Club and Gloria Golf Club. Antalya also has a variety of annual events, including the Mediterranean International Music Festival and International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival.

Given the rich history and geography of the area, there are many sites to explore. At Perga, you will experience ruins of a city founded over 3000 years ago, including columns, a Roman theatre and baths. To the northwest of the city, you will find the ruins of Termessos, with six temples, the main square and breathtaking view from its theatre. Located in the center of Antalya is Kaleici, known as “Old Antalya,” which originally started as Roman town. This was the original city until modern times when the rest of what is now called Antalya was built around it.

Along with a rich history comes unique culture and, of course, cuisine. In addition to typical Mediterranean dishes, local specialties include piyaz (a vegetarian side dish made of beans, tahini, garlic and walnuts), saksuka (a vegetarian side dish made with eggplant, potato, carrots, green peppers, zucchini and garlic), sis kofte (a local version of kofta kebab), to name a few. There are many local restaurants where you can try Turkish cuisine, such as Kaleici Meyhanesi, Sultanyar Kebabcisi and Aci Tantuni.

Turkish culture may be more conservative than you may be accustomed to. Be sure to find out about local dress codes, since they vary from city to city in Turkey. In addition, if you are a female traveling in Turkey, keep in mind that it is not common for women to travel alone at night. It is best to keep with your crew so that you fit in with local customs and have a memorable experience while visiting Antalya.


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