banana pudding recipe

Recipe – Banana Pudding

Southern states, such as Georgia, are known for serving hearty satisfying meals, like a main course of Southern Style Deep Fried Chicken and Buttermilk Biscuits, then ending the meal with a hot cup of coffee and dessert. The following banana pudding recipe is


Red Bird Farms Stuffed Chicken Breast

Using local ingredients is important to everyone on our team. Local ingredients provide a level of freshness and taste not otherwise possible. Here in Denver, we use vegetarian-fed, cage-free, antibiotic-free chicken from Red Bird Farms. To keep the spirit of this recipe, we invite you to

Char Siu Pork Ramen Recipe

For many of us, “ramen” is synonymous with memories of college days. However, this ramen is all grown up and right on trend with culinary powerhouses in New York and London. This recipe calls for pork, but works well with just about any protein of


New England In-Flight Catering Menu for the Big Game

With the Big Game around the corner, it is time to think about New England cuisine for the five-plus hour flight from Boston to Phoenix. Tom Romig, our executive chef in Boston (and loyal Patriots supporter), has created a selection of signature dishes featuring local ingredients, cooking styles and traditional regional flavors. We invite you …

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Soupe au poivron rouge avec fromage de chèvre frais

Les poivrons d’Amérique, connus aussi sous le nome de « Capsicum » représentent un choix de santé et sont excellents pour la soupe. Ces types de poivrons sont riches en vitamine C et en antioxydants. Bien que les poivrons d’Amérique soient disponibles dans diverses couleurs améliorant l’aspect visuel du plat, cette recette utilise les poivrons rouges. À …

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Dungeness crab sandwich recipe

Open-Faced Dungeness Sandwich

Seattle is home to a large seaport, so it is natural that seafood is popular here. A particular local favorite is the Dungeness crab. While crab can be served in a variety of preparations, this recipe features Dungeness in a mayonnaise-based salad, perfect for a sandwich. The portions below yield between

Shark Bites Recipe

Shark Bites Recipe

Since eating sharks, and especially shark fins, is frowned upon due to their marked decline in population, recipes calling for shark now use other types of more plentiful fish. To celebrate the glory that is “Shark Week” and “SharkFest,” while making a more conscientious choice, try out this recipe for “shark bites.” These shark bites …

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Boston Creme Cannoli

Boston Crème Cannoli

Boston has been culturally influenced by its large Italian-American community for many decades. The presence of Italian culture is best felt in the North End, where about one-third of the population is Italian. The Boston Crème Cannoli is a sweet treat that celebrates the bond between

Watermelon Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a type of cold soup typically made with tomatoes. For a sweet summertime twist, this recipes uses watermelon in place of tomato. If you or one of your passengers are vegetarian or are on a raw food diet, this is a great recipe to learn since it

How to Become a Guest Author

Since launching this blog in January 2014, we have been focused on providing valuable content for our audience. We are passionate about gourmet food, business aviation and the intersection of these two industries. If you share this focus, we invite you to contribute your expertise to the blog. This opportunity is available to professionals in

beef kafta

Beef Kafta Kebabs

It’s no secret that Americans love their burgers, and one growing trend is to lower carbs by having a “bunless” burger. Well, the Middle East has already been eating this way for centuries. One prime example is “kafta” (ground meat, mixed with onions, peppers and spices) which is

Mexican coffee recipe

Café Mexicano

Coffee is the top agricultural product being produced in the southern states of Mexico. While coffee beans were brought to Mexico a few hundred years ago, the explosion in coffee production has just taken place in the past few decades. This recipe uses the distinct flavor combination of cinnamon and chocolate, along with orange, to …

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Caribbean Platanos recipe

Caribbean Platanos

Plantains, or “platanos,” are a popular staple food in the Caribbean. While plantains are very similar to bananas, they tend to be eaten only after they are cooked due to a thicker skin and tougher fruit. Depending upon how they are prepared, they can also be a

Sauteed Strawberries With Black Peppercorn and Flamed With Grand Marnier

Currently, the United States, with Plant City, Florida (near Tampa), being the winter strawberry capital of the world, is the top producer of strawberries. However, France, where wild strawberries were favored for their medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, is known as the birthplace of garden strawberries. As demand increased for strawberries, they were planted …

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Parmesan Shortbread

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish dessert with an impressive history that spans nine centuries. With only three commonly used ingredients, shortbread is easy to make and customize with an extra ingredient of your choice. Mary, Queen of Scots, was famously fond of shortbread, especially

Tagliatelle With Cavolo Nero, Chickpeas and Pecorino

Tagliatelle is an egg-based pasta with a distinct “bird nest” look. This pasta comes in many colors to help create a more visually appealing dish. For those who have removed gluten from their diet, there are gluten-free tagliatelle options available. Cavolo nero is a leafy green brassica vegetable which is also called “Tuscan Cabbage.” Cavolo …

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