Business Aviation Tips and Inflight Catering for Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Private Jet Catering

Although Tokyo, Japan is a popular business aviation destination year-round, peak travel season for this capital city is from June through August. Tokyo is actually a metropolitan prefecture that is comprised of 23 Special Wards, each of which runs as its own city.

In addition to the seasonal peak for travel, unique local customs and holidays also create spikes in aviation traffic, such as Obon in August, the New Year and Golden Week in spring. During all of these peak times, accommodations for your trip should be arranged as much in advance as possible. Let’s not forget the semi-annual blooming of the cherry blossoms in spring and fall that attract crowds from all over.

When operating to Tokyo, you will arrive at Haneda International Airport (HND / RJTT), the fifth busiest airport in the world, or Narita International Airport (NRT / RJAA), the tenth busiest airport in the world. Overall, Tokyo’s airports combined make this the third most popular location in the world, only ranking behind London and New York. When planning for the next leg of your trip, inflight catering is available out of Haneda and Narita through the Air Culinaire Worldwide Network.

There are many natural, historical and cultural splendors to take in while on the ground in Tokyo. If you have a full day to explore, there are day-trip bullet trains you can take to visit the mystical Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the pristine waters of Lake Ashi. Being the large tourist destination that it is, Tokyo has numerous tours starting from walking tours or various other modes of transportation, like bicycles, trains and rickshaws. Many tours are themed, so you can spend time researching to find elements that are most intriguing to you, such as partaking in a traditional tea ceremony, being a spectator at a sumo wrestling match, getting an overview of famous historical sites or even donning samurai armor.

If there is anything Tokyo is known for, it is its bold and courageous culinary scene. A current trend is themed restaurants, and you will want to book your reservations early. Some of the top spots range from an Alice in Wonderland-themed dining experience to a more cultural theme of ninjas, where you are taken down a path that starts your journey off with ninjas surprising you as you approach the restaurant. If you are looking for more traditional cuisine, look for restaurants that offer sushi, soba (buckwheat noodles), monja-yaki (flour batter with shredded cabbage), fukagawa-meshi (bowl of miso stew and rice with leeks and clams), dojo-nabe (loaches [a type of fish] cooked in soy sauce broth and topped with leeks) or chanko-nabe (a pot of chicken and local vegetables).


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